Have The House Checked Before It Becomes Your Home.
Have The House Checked Before It Becomes Your House.
What is inspected during a home inspection

Foundation and Structure:
Inspect the foundation, related structural components and/or slab surfaces. Report on any visible structural defects. Inspect slab and floor for visible water penetration. Report general indications of foundation movement that are present and visible, such as sheetrock cracks, brick cracks, out-of-square door frames or floor slopes.

Roof and Attic:
Report the type of roof covering. Inspect the general conditions and check the previous repairs. Report any visible evidence of moisture penetration. Inspect for the presence and report the approximate depth of insulation where visible. Inspect the condition of flashing, valleys, skylight, plumbing vents, air vents and other roof penetrations.

Grading and Drainage:
Inspect for proper drainage around the structure. Observe any area where siding or sill plate may be too close to the ground. Report on trees and bushes for possible damage to structure.

Doors, Windows, Walls, Floors:
Report on over all condition and operation of windows and doors. Report present and visible deficiencies of exterior walls that are related to structural performance and water penetration.

Chimney and Fireplace:
Report on over all condition of visible fireplace and chimney components. Inspect the interior of the firebox. Check hearth extension and combustible material clearances around fireplace. Inspect gas log lighter valves.

Heating and Cooling:
Report the type of system and energy source. Inspect for proper performance, such as observing the temperature difference between the supply and return air. Observe over float pan and drain.

Inspect the condition of service panel, service size and over - current protection. Check for proper grounding. Report on the presence of aluminum branch wiring. Check on polarity of receptacles. Inspect for ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Inspect lighting and fixtures.

Inspect and report the condition of all accessible and visual water supply and waste-water and vent pipes. Report any visible leaks. Inspect condition of water heater and presence of water pressure relief valve. Inspect fixtures and check for proper venting.

Built-in Appliances:
Inspect dishwasher, food waste disposal. Inspect range hood, range/oven cook top and micro wave cooking equipment. Inspect trash compactor and garage door operations.

Optional Systems:
Swimming Pool
Spa/Hot Tub
Out buildings
Termite Inspections


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